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What I love most is that it’s a high-level list of things to consider rather than a prescriptive step-by-step checklist. This lets me easily adapt it to my needs without having to untangle someone else’s process.

Adam Lowe

Peak Performance Digital

This product is absolutely incredible! Such a tremendous amount of experience, problem solving and hard thinking… To say I’m thoroughly impressed is an understatement.

Dave Foy

Design Build Web

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Fly through projects with your wingman; over 30 expert-level checklists, fine-tuned, for WordPress pros like you.

Accessibility Assessment

Champion inclusivity by ensuring your content is accessible to all, addressing common accessibility challenges and optimizing user experience.

Annual Business Review

Evaluate the year’s triumphs and lessons, adjusting strategies for a prosperous upcoming year.

Asset Gathering

Collate everything you need to visually and contextually bring your website to life, ensuring alignment with brand identity and user expectations.

Blog Publishing

Efficiently prepare, optimize, and promote your blog content, emphasizing quality, relevance, and outreach.

Client Complaints

Address client complaints with empathy and efficiency, aiming for resolution and future prevention.

Client Offboarding

This checklist provides a systematic process for efficiently and professionally concluding client engagements.

Client Onboarding

Integrate new clients with this checklist, ensuring a seamless transition and setting the foundation for a successful partnership.

Day End

Conclude your day with clarity and foresight, ensuring tomorrow’s success by tidying up today’s tasks and responsibilities.

Day Start

Kickstart your day with intention, ensuring you’re aligned with your priorities and set up for optimal productivity.

Email Communication

Craft impactful emails with this checklist, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and action-driven communication.

Fundamental Site-Wide SEO

Optimize your site’s visibility and ranking with foundational SEO practices, ensuring each element effectively supports your online presence.

Keyword Research

Delve into your target audience’s search habits and align them with your business objectives to craft a robust content strategy that resonates and ranks.

Late Payments (Collections)

Navigate late payments with persistence and professionalism.

Monthly Business Review

Reflect on the month’s successes and areas for growth, while optimizing operations and financial health.

Phone Communication

Elevate phone conversations with this checklist, prioritizing clarity, active listening, and actionable outcomes.

Project Discovery

Dive deep into your client’s needs and aspirations, creating a solid foundation for a successful project.

Project Kickoff Meeting

Set the stage for a seamless project journey by aligning everyone’s understanding and ensuring clarity at the outset.

Project Post-Mortem

Reflect on project outcomes and processes to gain insights, ensuring continuous improvement and heightened efficiency for future endeavors.


This checklist serves as a roadmap for creating a comprehensive and professional proposal.

Prospect Introduction Call

Guide initial client calls confidently, fostering connections and setting clear expectations.

Quarterly Business Review

Reflect on the past quarter’s performance, adjust goals, and strategize for upcoming challenges and opportunities.


Take your prospects on a repeatable journey that weeds out bad fits and maximizes conversions.

Software Purchase Evaluation

Ensure the right software investment by thoroughly assessing its impact, benefits, and costs, promoting informed decisions for your business needs.


Guidelines for effective subcontracting: from task assessment, hiring, setting clear expectations, to final review.

Time off Protocol

Steps for solopreneurs to prepare for time off: from scheduling, client communication, to setting return tasks.

Vulnerability Protocol

Address vulnerabilities promptly, from verifying threats to enhancing security, ensuring a robust and resilient environment.

Website Audit

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your website to optimize performance, enhance user experience, and reinforce SEO.

Website Down Protocol

Diagnose and address website downtimes swiftly, ensuring minimal disruptions and implementing preventive measures for stability.

Website Post-Launch

Streamline the steps post-website launch, ensuring optimal performance, security, and visibility, while prioritizing client communication and ongoing maintenance.

Website Pre-Launch

Ensure a smooth website launch by checking aesthetics, functionality, and compliance, paving the way for standout performance and usability.

Weekly Project Update

Stay aligned and informed on your project’s trajectory with a consistent pulse check on accomplishments, goals, and open queries.